Please read all of the following information before filling out the application. If the application does not meet all the following requirements it will not be accepted.  This application is a request to be certified, not a request to be accepted into an academy.

Application Process

  1. Request access by submitting the appropriate request here.
    • Note: Do not request access unless you have been officially accepted by a POST Satellite Academy, are a waiver, a reactivation, or have been hired by an agency. 
  2. Receive email from POST with login credentials
  3. Log in to the application portal and change your password
  4. Select the "Start Application" button at the top of the page.
  5. On the first page confirm your information is correct, do not proceed if it is not your full legal name.
  6. Select the purpose for your application. *Failure to select correct purpose will result in the application being denied
  7. Complete application, if needed you can save the application and return using your ID and password
  8. Submit Application NOTE: Once you click "submit application" at the bottom of the form you cannot return to make changes
  9. From the home page, you can print a copy for your records and view the application status

Technical Requirements

The following browsers are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Note: Mobile browser submissions are NOT supported.

Application Guidelines

  • This form must be completed by the applicant and not a family member or person from the agency. There are several points in the application an eSignature is required to verify the truthfulness of the applicant's answers
  • It is very important to be open and honest in answering all the questions. Any omissions or falsification of information will result in sanctions from POST including a minimum of a 2-year waiting period before applying again for training or certification
  • Talk to your academy director or future employer before submitting the application. Some academies and employers have policies to review the application before submitting
  • This form once submitted is valid for 12 months. After that time another form with updated information will need to be submitted
  • Official Application is only found on this website at the Applicant Form Center.
  • All questions must be answered. If the question does not apply type "NA" for not-applicable. If there is no middle name type "NMN" for no middle name
  • Any "yes" question must have a detailed explanation provided in the appropriate box that includes dates, times, locations, people involved, etc. The box will expand to allow for a longer response. Applications that have little detail in these boxes will result in a request for more information from the investigator reviewing your application
  • In many areas, there is an option to add another row to the form. Use the "Add New" button to add another instance. You can always use the "Remove" button to remove the addition
  • This form requires a large amount of information. Please save and save often, there is no autosave. It is recommended after each section you save your work. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the application and hitting the save button. You can do this at any time and it does not lock out any previous answers.
  • When you hit submit the system will search your form for questions that are required that were not answered. You will need to answer these questions before submitting
  • Once you hit the submit button you cannot go back and make changes.
  • After you submit the form you will then be prompted to upload attachments. The form will not be reviewed until all attachments have been uploaded
  • View the information below for a more detailed explanation of the required attachment process
  • Once you submit your attachments your form is submitted for review and cannot be changed.
  • It is recommended that after submitting your application you save or print your copy for secure keeping. You can do this right after submission, or you can log back into your account and print from the "Application Status" tab


  • The attachments listed below may or may not apply to you based on how you answered the questions in the application
  • All documents must be scanned and uploaded to the application. No physical copies will be accepted
  • If you do not have access to a scanner, your academy or agency may be able to assist you. Copy centers such as Kinko's or UPS stores offer these services
  • With the exception of the photograph, all documents must be scanned and submitted in PDF format
  • File size is limited to 5Mb for uploaded file documents. When scanning documents optimize the document for reduced file size
  • These attached documents will not be embedded in the application so it is best to save or print these files if your academy or agency requests them also
  • Your application will not be completed until the required documents are uploaded and the form is submitted

Personal Photograph

  • A recent "passport" style photograph is required to be attached with every application
  • Photographer: Stand about 6 feet away from the subject. Capture the subject from the shoulders and leave space above the head
  • Shadows: ensure the subject stands one foot away from the background to avoid shadows
  • Expression: make sure the subject has a neutral expression with no teeth showing
  • Eyes: Ensure red-eye has been corrected in your photos
  • Background Color: white or light-colored
  • A photograph cannot be more than 1 month older than the time of application
  • The format of your file must be a .jpg, or .png
  • The file size limit is 2mb

Birth Certificate

  • If you are a natural born citizen of the United States a scanned copy of your birth certificate is required
  • If you are a naturalized citizen of the United States provide the number and date in the form. No attachment required

Medical Release Forms

  • These forms apply only to peace officer basic training and waiver/reactivation applicants
  • The medical release forms must be signed by both the applicant and the physician
  • The medical release form will be submitted to your Academy staff
  • Most recent forms provided on this site must be used
  • Click here to download forms

Authorization for Release of Personal Information Form

NPOST Results

  • For applicants whose agency still require an NPOST test click here for testing options

High School Diploma (or equivalent)

  • Required for all new applicants
  • A scanned copy of diploma or official transcript showing graduation date
  • GED certificate can be used as a substitute for a high school diploma
  • Degree certificate or transcripts showing a 2-year or 4-year degree can be used as substitute for high school diploma

Military DD-214

  • If you have been issued a DD-214 from any branch of service it is a required attachment
  • DD-214 must show type of discharge

Criminal Arrest Record(s)

  • If you have ever been arrested either as a Juvenile or Adult the arrest records must be included with the application
  • If there are multiple arrest records they must be scanned together as one document and uploaded
  • If the arresting agency states the record has been destroyed or cannot be found, a letter from that agency must be uploaded in place of the record

Criminal Court Record(s)

  • If you have ever been convicted either as a Juvenile or Adult the court documents must be included with the application
  • If there are multiple court documents from multiple convictions they must be scanned together as one document and uploaded
  • If the court states the record has been destroyed or cannot be found, a letter from that court clerk must be uploaded in place of the record

Waiver Curriculum and Hours

  • Those seeking waiver of training requirements will need to provide the curriculum and training hours of the basic training academy attended
  • Contact POST at (801) 256-2300 after submitting the application

Dispatch Documents

The following documents apply only to those seeking Dispatch Certification:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certificate

Application Access

Follow the link below to request access to complete the application.

Click here to request access to the application portal

Click here to login to the application portal